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According to the style and characteristics of the current courtyard, it can be divided into Chinese courtyard, European courtyard, American courtyard, Japanese courtyard, Islamic courtyard, Mediterranean courtyard and Southeast Asian courtyard.
1、 Chinese courtyard
Generally speaking, a large Chinese courtyard is a work of art composed of buildings, mountains and rivers, flowers and trees. The buildings are mainly wooden pavilions, platforms and corridors, and the moon cave door and lattice window play a role of blocking and dividing the line of sight. The garden plants also have clear meanings and strict positions, such as planting bamboo behind the house, planting cinnamon in front of the hall, planting peonies in the flower bed, and planting lotus in the pool.
Features: natural, secluded and ethereal
Design concept: Chinese traditional courtyard planning is deeply influenced by traditional philosophy and painting. There is even the theory that "painting is the mother of gardening". What is very referential is the private gardens in the south of the Yangtze River in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The main body of the garden is the natural scenery, with the uneven pavilions and graceful corridors as the foil. Here, the garden owner's indifferent and worldly thoughts are reposed, and there is a rich spiritual world hidden in the material environment. Desolation, simplicity and clearness are the characteristics of its beauty.
Elements: rockery, flowing water, green bamboo
2、 European courtyard
European style courtyards are famous for their French and Italian designs, with neatly manicured shrubs and memorial fountains; In addition, there is still enough space in the garden to build some decorations, such as sundials, shrines, column basins for birds to play in the water, flower containers, etc. Color is rarely used, and only the same kind of plants with single color are planted in the flower bed. Most garden trees are foliage, shrubs and trees. Flower beds are slightly colored, and flowers and plants are also very rare. Boxwood is carried around each flower bed, and only similar flowers and plants with a single color are planted inside.
Features: gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite modeling
Design concept: drawing inspiration from the Renaissance Garden, it is basically a regular classical courtyard, which is very solemn and magnificent, and contains rich imagination.
Elements: such courtyard structures are more complex, including columns, statues, pavilions, decorative walls, plastic plants, fountains, shrines
3、 American courtyard
Americans' understanding of nature is free and lively. The current natural landscape is a part of its landscape design expression. Nature is warm and full of vitality. Many accidents and dramatization should also coincide with American whimsical creativity, and the exchange and overlap of Hollywood scenes and life scenes. The rich nature, such as forests, grasslands, swamps, streams, lakes, grasslands, shrubs, towering trees, etc., are introduced into the city and life, forming a broad landscape.
Features: atmosphere and romance
Design concept: the ancestors of the United States came to this Xintiandi from far away Europe. In order to escape the corruption and degeneration of Europe, they explored a new world without the shackles of European feudal religions and systems. They have gained great freedom in this vast world. Facing the whole wilderness, they felt the mystery and vastness of primitive nature, and their hearts were strongly shocked. The natural innocence, simplicity and energetic personality have had a far-reaching impact, creating a free and unrestrained nature in the United States.
Elements: lawn, shrub, flowers, reclining chair, swing, barbecue rack, etc.
4、 Japanese courtyard
On one side of the courtyard, there are mountains and rivers, and the grass is carefully planted in the crevices and the sides of the mountains and stones; Trees are deliberately selected and pruned. It is the key to take one as ten; A small piece of thin water, dripping sound, to remind you of many miss; The shape, texture and color combination of stones should be refined into deified landscapes. Too many artificial traces, on the contrary, set off a concentrated natural experience, and the pure purification of the scene left a large ideological gap, which is the characteristics of the Oriental landscape.
Features: concise and refined in details
Design concept: Japanese courtyard is deeply influenced by Chinese culture, which can also be said to be a delicate miniature version of Chinese courtyard. The treatment of details is a wonderful place for Japanese courtyard. In addition, because Japan is an island country, this geographical feature forms its unique natural landscape, which is relatively simple and concise.
Elements: gravel, residual wood, moss, stone lamp, plastic tree
5、 Islamic courtyard
Features: friendly, exquisite and quiet style
Design concept: due to the geographical conditions of drought and little rain, barren land and sparse vegetation, I like shade trees and plant trees in high walls. At the same time, I think that the world is a world of shape and color. The design mostly adopts flowers and plants, geometry, digital patterns, exquisite lines and bright colors. In the composition, I stress on regular rectangles and pursue simple geometric shapes
Elements: pools, fountains, shade trees, colorful plants, blue tiles
6、 Mediterranean Garden
Mediterranean gardens can arouse people's vivid images, such as snow-white walls, gardens covered with tiles, and flowers swaying in pottery pots. Its basic tone comes from the natural color of scenery and sea view. Stone walls or painted walls form mud green, sea blue and rust red background curtain walls. There are flowerpots of different sizes and shapes in the garden, which is a remarkable feature of this kind of garden, because the summer climate there is very dry. It spreads all over Spain, Portugal, Greece and France. The basic layout is geometric. On the whole, they prefer bright, bold, rich but simple colors. They prefer to use yellow, which symbolizes the sun, blue in the sky, blue and orange in the Mediterranean. Their main colors are blue and white. Plants choose modeling plants characterized by subtropical evergreen hardwood forests that are easy to maintain, combined with bold geometric modeling, smooth texture and simple vegetation, to create a courtyard with dramatic structure and characteristics.
Features: abstract and charming, noble scenery, gorgeous colors
Design concept: Mediterranean style courtyard is a combination of two factors, one is the natural style without decoration, and the other is the subtle feeling of color and shape. Focusing on the landscape, the division of space highlights the focus and forms a contrast. There are brightly colored hard landscapes, modern sculptures and dramatic waterscape. The application of new building materials, bold, bright colors and novel structures endows traditional gardening with new connotations. The design of modern gardens should be an extension of housing, which can fully show the architectural style, scale and form of housing.
Elements: sculptures, simulated plastic plants
7、 Southeast Asian style courtyard
Courtyard landscape belongs to the category of "humid and hot" tropical garden landscape, which is characterized by rich and colorful tropical ornamental plants in Southeast Asia. It is suitable for people who pursue unique style, have land and capital, suitable for courtyard, and suitable for building in low latitude areas with a wide area.
Features: rough and natural style, casual and romantic
Elements: Central Pavilion, pool, animal sculpture, wood and other natural raw materials, bronze and brass
The above is a detailed introduction to the courtyard landscape design for you. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude hhttp://www.sdjnjingguan.com