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1. Analysis of space art based on vegetation
Due to China's climate characteristics, landscape gardens characterized by vegetation mainly use bamboo, potted plants, shrubs, trees, ornamental herbs and aquatic plants. According to the theme of garden expression, different plants are selected for design. For example, the courtyard is dominated by tall trees and shrubs to create a leisure atmosphere; The roads are mainly bright flowers to create a safe effect; Memorial gardens are mainly made of bamboo, pine and cypress, creating a solemn atmosphere. It can be seen that the rational application of different plants can show the artistic effects expressed by different themes, but they should be properly selected due to different geographical location, topographic relief and theme needs. When selecting plants, the layout and size of the space should be considered. If the space is large, some tall Fengwei bamboo can be placed. If the space is limited, bonsai can be placed. In short, plants need to complement space, create a comfortable environment for people, let people wander among them and relax.
2. Analysis of space art based on water
Rational application of water elements can increase vitality and power for gardens. Its shape is ever-changing. It can be calm and flowing without waves. By using water elements and designing water landscapes such as lakes, ponds and rivers according to different places and functions, it can give full play to the unique charm of space art. In this way, it can not only make the finishing point, but also make the winding path lead to the secluded, and let the gurgling water purify people's hearts. It should be noted that the water in the garden should flow in a circular way, so that it can flow down the river and start again and again.
3. Analysis of space art based on terrain
Terrain is the backbone of all theme landscape gardens and an important factor that directly affects the space art design scheme of landscape gardens. When designing the space art of landscape gardens, we must grasp its terrain characteristics, explore its terrain height, and make use of the large and small fluctuations and angle differences of terrain to create a comfortable activity place for people. For example, the unique space art design, such as the stone forest landscape created by the karst landform in Yunnan, Fujian and the Yixian sky Canyon in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, gives people a shocking tactile and visual experience. There are various types of terrain in China. We can make full use of the characteristics of the terrain and carry out unique design, such as basins and hills, which can create a melodious and graceful space, set doubts for people, and let people enjoy the fun of discovering and exploring the whole picture. However, in the process of design, we should ensure that people's emotions are not troubled by terrain changes, and let people have the desire to explore.
4. Analysis of space art based on Architecture
Architecture can not only be the highlight of landscape architecture, but also provide important service facilities for landscape architecture. As a part of its space art, it needs to enrich its functions. For example, cultural and art corridors and viewing platforms are for people to watch on the one hand and rest on the other. As infrastructure, in order to match the different landscape composition of landscape garden space art design, architecture, as an important service facility in the garden, should design and transform its appearance and function to ensure that the architecture in the garden is coordinated with the garden environment, interspersed with each other without a sense of independence, which can not only ensure the application of architectural functions, but also reflect the beauty of space art. For architecture, it needs to be designed according to location and function. If it is for tourists to watch, it needs to be spacious, bright and magnificent. If it is for tourists to rest, it needs to be small and exquisite to make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Generally speaking, the space inside the building should be scientifically designed according to the flow of people to ensure that people can feel just right in it.
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