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来源:http://www.sdjnjingguan.com/news/193.html  更新时间:2019-01-03
The latest and most sophisticated cement sculpture simulation rockery manufacturing
There are nine steps in the manufacturing process of simulated rockery, including positioning and lofting, embedding of embedded parts, welding and manufacturing of skeleton, etc. Each link is closely linked. Our company has designed and manufactured a cement imitation rockery for Huairou Binhe Park. We have fully experienced the meticulous craftsmen's body in Beijing Seawater Valley. The effect of the construction and the design drawings are almost the same.
1. Positioning lofting: stop positioning lofting according to drawings, models and site conditions.
2. Embedded parts: Cast-in-situ slabs are embedded with 70 x 100 x 6 pre-embedded parts with spacing of 1.5-2.5 m; frame columns are embedded with 70 x 100 x 6 pre-embedded parts with spacing of 2 m. When construction is carried out on walls without embedded parts, bolts are used as fixtures. The spacing between bolts on roofs should not be greater than 0.5 meters, and the spacing between facades of walls should not be greater than 0.7 meters.
3. Skeleton Manufacturing: The main data is 50 x 50 x 5 degree new angle steel, mainly used 30 x 30 x 3 galvanized angle steel, in order to facilitate construction, square pipe can also be used. First stop the manufacture of plastic-stone square skeleton. The spacing size of skeleton angle steel is generally controlled at 1.3m transverse spacing and 1.3m vertical spacing. Then, according to the model, the left and right Cable-Stays are stopped and the general shape of the rockery is made.
4. Steel wire mesh: The steel wire mesh used in the manufacture of cement rockery is generally 6 mm mesh with wire diameter between 0.3 and 0.5 mm. After the skeleton is manufactured, 6 round steel is used to stop the manufacture of rockery shape. The horizontal and vertical spacing of round steel is controlled between 18 and 25, and the natural shape of initial convex and concave is shaped according to the model.
5.镀锌丝网绑扎:在用圆钢焊接完假山大型后,用网笼枪将镀锌丝网固定。第六抹灰:挂水泥沙浆以成石脉与皱纹,水泥沙浆中可以加纤维性附加了以添加了外表抗拉的力气,增加裂痕。铁丝绑扎完成,用混凝土砂浆停止基层抹灰,厚度1-1.5cm左右;一次完成后,停止二次抹灰,厚度爲1.5cm左右。在假山外露局部的两层抹灰完成后,及时停止假山外部砂浆的抹制,厚度爲1cm左右。详细操作步骤如下:1、1:1.5复合水泥砂浆刮满所用钢丝网,厚度约1CM,塑满后需颐养2天。2、1:2普通水泥砂浆补缝。3、1:1.5普通水泥砂浆塑假山纹理,美工采用刮、剔等多种工艺手法制造假山纹理,厚度约爲2CM。竣工后颐养3天。 4、1:3普通水泥砂浆修补纹理及裂纹。
5. Galvanized wire mesh binding: After welding large rockery with round steel, galvanized wire mesh is fixed with cage gun. Sixth plastering: hanging cement mortar to form stone veins and wrinkles, cement mortar can be added with fiber to add external tensile strength, increase cracks. When the iron wire is tied up, concrete mortar is used to stop the plastering of the base course, the thickness is about 1-1.5 cm; after one time, the second plastering is stopped, and the thickness is about 1.5 cm. After the two-layer plastering of the exposed part of the rockery is completed, the plastering of the external mortar of the rockery is stopped in time, and the thickness is about 1 cm. Detailed operation steps are as follows: 1, 1:1.5 composite cement mortar scrapes the wire mesh used, thickness of about 1CM, after plastic full need to take care of 2 days. 2, 1:2 common cement mortar mending. 3, 1:1.5 ordinary cement mortar plastic rockery texture, artists use scraping, picking and other techniques to create rockery texture, thickness of about 2CM. Three days after completion. 4, 1:3 ordinary cement mortar to repair texture and cracks.
7. Modeling: According to the model and the material of the orogenic rocks, the moulding of the moulded rockery rockery is stopped and the veins and stripes are moulded. The texture, color, texture and surface features of the stone are carefully depicted on the surface of the plastic stone. According to the design requirements, the texture and colour are mixed with white cement or ordinary water powder in appropriate proportion with stone powder and colour powder to form mortar, which is disposed of by plastic surface techniques such as roughness, smoothness and hairing. Generally speaking, the shape of texture, mainly straight lines, supplemented by cross lines, can show a steep, upright posture; mainly cross lines, supplemented by straight lines, can show a chic and heroic image; comprehensive patterns of mountains and stones can show a deep, gorgeous appearance. In order to enhance the natural authenticity of mountain and stone scenery, besides texture depiction, the natural characteristics of mountain and stone, such as cracks, holes, holes, rotten, cracks, faults and displacements, should be well handled in detail. Generally speaking, steel wire, spoon, carving knife, and other public tools are used to show the natural texture of the real nature rockery by means of pulling, grinding, smashing, digging and poking.
8.上色:依据所塑山石的地位极端作用,选择适宜的氧化铁颜料停止调制、上色。在塑石水分未干透时停止,根本色彩用颜料粉和水泥加水拌匀,逐层洒染。上色步骤如下:1、喷封锁底色;2、着一次色(3层); 3、二次补色(阴暗色)。在石缝孔洞或阴角部位略洒稍深的色彩,待塑石九成干时,在凹陷处洒上少许绿、黑或白色等大小、疏密不同的斑点,以加强平面感和自然感。  最初就是面层维护即可:用无色罩面剂延续喷涂2遍,用以维护颜色不褪色、不零落。
8. Colouring: According to the extreme role of the moulded rocks, appropriate iron oxide pigments are selected to stop modulation and colouring. When the water content of the plastic stones is not completely dry, the basic color is mixed with pigment powder and cement with water and dyed layer by layer. The coloring steps are as follows: 1. Blocking the base color by spraying; 2. Primary color (3 layers); 3. Secondary complement color (dark color). When 90% of the plastic stone is dry, a few green, black or white spots of different sizes and densities are sprayed on the depression to enhance the sense of plane and nature. Initially, the maintenance of the facial layer can be done: 2 times continuous spraying with a colorless mask to maintain the color fade-free, non-fragmentation.
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