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  Plastic rockery consumption has been very popular in landscape decoration in recent years, but everyone may not know its history. With the progress of technology and types, the consumption of plastic rockery has been more refined. According to the decorative environment, it can be divided into outdoor plastic rockery consumption and indoor plastic rockery consumption. Today Xiaobian would like to share with you the measures for the planning of plastic rockery rockery. Let's take a look at them together.
  When stopping the consumption of plastic rockery, it is not necessary to consider the influence of astronomical environment and astronomical factors. It has strong plasticity and arbitrary shape. The selected materials are essentially cement sculptures. The human body can stop changing according to the required shape, vivid, and without worrying about the appearance changes formed by the natural conditions of the plastic rockery. Therefore, once plastic rockery consumption started, it was sought after by consumers. The scope of plastic stone consumption and decoration is also comparable. Tourist attractions, business clubs, Hotel restaurants, ecological parks and public places can be decorated with plastic rockeries.
  To distinguish between major and minor rockeries, all styles, textures, colors, textures and backgrounds of rocks must be the same. But the shape, size and height of the mountain must be changed. The hillside is low and uneven; the mountainside must be lubricated, so there must be a change, while the steep slope is slow, so that the mountain body constitutes a momentum; the foot of the mountain should be embraced, circuitous, lines should be fluent, highlighting the soft artificial landscape.

  Density, properly classified, refers to the uneven distribution of rocks. Garden rockery planning style, stone ridge pattern, peak position, plant decoration, sketch configuration and so on should be done comparatively dense. Generally speaking, the main peak of garden rockery is the most densely populated area, with dense rocks and trees, and relatively few peaks.
  Pay attention to the opening and closing of Garden Rock Art style. Opening is a potential and is closing. Li Feng is open with slopes at his feet; the mountains are open near the left and the mountains are in the same place. Ordinary garden rockery planning from 3 to 4 open and close, alternate opening and closing, can make the rockery rhythm has a sense of rhythm.
  In rockery art, practice refers to art category and disposal art. The so-called artistic environment community refers to the far-reaching artistic conception (called virtual environment) displayed by the garden rockery and the real landscape (called ideal environment) formed by the rockery. The so-called virtual and practical art theory refers to the emptiness and ideal presented in the garden rockery.
  Hidden dew refers to the garden rockery can show the king outside the scene, the scene of moving pictures, create a profound mood.
  The blank disposal space in rockery plays an important role in the whole planning effect. In order to show the themes of lakes and mountains, island scenery and so on, the space should be large and the processing of mountain corners should be simple; and for topics such as mountains and valleys, the edges should be smaller, and mountain corners should also be complex and changeable.
  Perspective treatment of objects always gives people the impression that they are big or small, almost worshipful of the lower and the lower, nearly broad and narrow. This phenomenon in the near Qing Dynasty is called perspective phenomenon. According to the observation phenomena, the near and objective landscape of the garden rockery should be clear and detailed; the middle view should focus on the surface structure of rock blocks; and the prospect should focus on mountains and mountains.
  The garden in the rockery is small, and the majesty of the mountain is often revealed by touching stones; the trees come out of the magnificent mountains; and it reflects the magnificent momentum with the huts, pavilions and other mountains.
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