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  Chinese classical garden art is represented by private gardens in the south of the Yangtze River and royal gardens in the north. In traditional Chinese architecture, classical gardens are a unique building with remarkable achievements. It is recognized as the mother of world gardens, the world art miracle and the important heritage of human culture.
  The ultimate and supreme goal of Chinese garden art is to pursue the material conditions of nature, so as to achieve the aesthetic goal of "man-made, but like the unity of heaven and man". It is deeply immersed in the connotation of Chinese culture, an artistic treasure nurtured by the five thousand years of Chinese cultural history, a vivid portrayal of the flesh and blood of a nation and its moral quality, and a good cause that we need to inherit and develop today.
  Landscape of Jinan Project
  Chengdu has certain elements in the construction of everything, and Chinese gardens are no exception. Generally speaking, Chinese classical gardens are composed of six elements: hill architecture, litchi, plants, animals, buildings, plaques, couplets and stone carvings. In order to express nature, mountain architecture is one of the most important elements in landscape architecture. Shanglin Garden formed an island during the Qin and Han Dynasties. The land was excavated by Taiyechi Lake, which means the holy mountain of the East China Sea. Suzhou's existing Humble Administrator's Garden, Changshu Yan Yuan and Shanghai's Yu Garden are masterpieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties.
  No matter what kind of garden, water is the most dynamic element. Without water, there will be no life. Therefore, the garden must sink a pool to attract water. In ancient gardens, there are three ways of management: cover, partition and partition. This is to set off the circuitous riverbank of the swimming pool with buildings and green plants. Water barrier is built on the surface of the dam cross cutting, or through the water barrier floating corridor, or built with stone slab bridge and circular, or wading point stepping stone.
  Landscape of Jinan Project
  Flowers have no mountains and other hair. Waterscapes divide the flowers and trees without aesthetic feeling. Natural style gardens show the beauty of nature with strict selection of flowers and trees. The beauty of appearance, the shape of crown, the density and curvature of branches, and the texture of bark all pursue the beauty of nature. Secondly, the beauty of color: red maple leaves, green bamboo leaves, mottled elm wolf, magnolia, crape myrtle and so on, striving to maintain the natural color of the garden throughout the year. Three-word charm requires plants to be elegant and quiet, not too strong, with a subtle suspicion; don't be too light, because there are too many things.
  Flowers, with rich and colorful patterns, have strong national flavor and aesthetic value; through the leaky window, bamboo forest flickers and blurs, pavilions cover up, distant empty clouds fly, forming a quiet and broad space and interest. Garden buildings often have halls and corridors, pavilions, buildings and platforms. Artificial caves and stone steps all show the beauty of nature. All buildings, their shapes and gods meet with the natural environment such as the sky and the earth, and at the same time make every part of the garden meet. Such garden has natural, calm, quiet and euphemistic artistic features, and gets the changing scenery, gradually becoming beautiful, little to see the effect of substantial appreciation.
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