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How to Choose Design Material for Rockery Manufacturing
1. Modeling Design and Nozzle Selection
To stop the overall design of waterscape, we should first analyze the basic requirements of environmental atmosphere, then analyze various waterscape modes, sort out different combination schemes, draw effect maps, and select the best one.
Waterscape shapes include still water, flowing water, falling water, sprinkler and so on. These shapes can also derive colorful changing ways, especially because of the development of sprinkler technology, the sprinkler posture is more varied. With these materials, and through professional artistic design, you can outline a beautiful water landscape.
In addition, different landscape modes are suitable for different use scenarios. For example, music fountains are generally suitable for gathering places such as squares. It is an inorganic combination of music, water form and lighting to give people visual and auditory beauty; at the same time, fountains and squares are integrated, forming part of the construction. The residential buildings are more suitable to design streams to express the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, giving people a steep, relaxed visual enjoyment, thus building annoying living and rest space.
The choice of sprinkler head is very important in fountain design. Various types of sprinklers are widely used in water scenery to generate thousands of water forms. At present, there are great differences in the quality of sprinklers consumed internationally. Compared with similar products abroad, the performance of sprinklers is not only in appearance, but also in design quality. For example, the operating parameters of a sprinkler provided by a manufacturer are far from the actual operating values. The requirement of water landscape engineering for sprinkler is that the water form is beautiful and the jet fluctuates smoothly. However, the jet of a few international products is either divergent or haircut horizontally; even for the same batch of products, the water quality is extremely stable. In addition to the lack of processing accuracy of domestic sprinklers due to small-scale consumption machinery, the basic achievement is that there is no perfect design practice and design basis in the design of water landscape public sprinklers. Therefore, we suggest that the National Professional Association organize relevant experts to formulate feasible design standards and norms as soon as possible, so that the water fountain industry in China can be further developed in a more standard way.
2. Design of Civil Pool
Ordinary rare landscape pools are 0.6-0.8m in depth. The reason for this is to ensure the swallowing depth of the suction outlet, and the bottom of the pool is all three-dimensional, which is also convenient for the installation construction and maintenance of pipeline equipment in the pool. Only when the shallow butterfly pool with hydrophilic characteristics is designed, the suction pit or pump pit is used. The water depth of 0.6-0.8m is not stable in practice. In addition, in the design of children's pool, the common depth is about 0.3-0.6m. Once children fall into the landscape pool, it will be very risky. We think that the suitable depth is 0.2-0.4 M. Another advantage of this method is that when the turbidity of the water is slightly higher, people still feel clear. The top surface of the pond wall should be available for visitors to sit down and rest. The height of the top surface of the pond wall from the air is usually 0.30-0.45 M. Except for artificial lakes, the water surface should be higher than that in the air. If the water level is low, it will feel like a deep pool. From the hydrophilic point of view, the more appropriate scale is that the water surface is 0.2m away from the top of the pond wall. Submersible pump pit or pump suction nozzle only need to be partially deepened to meet the water absorption conditions. The pump pit can be equipped with a grate on the surface, which can cover the equipment and act as a grille to prevent large particles from inhaling. From the aesthetic point of view, the pool should be as much as possible to increase the appearance of the exposed pipeline equipment, especially the vertical overflow nozzle, it will occur when the water surface rises a lot of drainage and inspiration sound.
3. Pipeline Material Selection
Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are commonly used in earlier projects, but there are many shortcomings.
After a period of time, the steel pipe is rusted, which affects the appearance of beauty, and its service life is more than twice shorter than that of concrete structure. Copper pipe and stainless steel pipe are better, but the cost is higher. UPVC pipe can prevent rust, but it has poor weather resistance and slow down and discoloration aging by indirect light irradiation. If it is buried underneath the bottom of the pond (pay attention to the gradient and set up a vent valve at the lower end of the pond in the south, drainage and freeze-proof in summer) and copper or stainless steel pipe is used in the exposed part, it should be a more reasonable and economical treatment method. According to the manufacturer, the service life of UPVC tube can reach 50 years without direct sunlight.
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